Air Manager 3.0 Released

I’ve been testing the Sim Innovations Air Manager 3 beta version for awhile now, but the official version was just released. I thought version 2.1 was fantastic, but Sim Innovations made version 3 even better, with easier layout options for custom panels, like mine. They even launched this with a Diamond DA-20 Katana left/right panel, which is perfect for me.

I feel like this was made just for me, as I’ve been working on my own instruments off and on for months. I just scrapped those once I got this installed. It took me no more than 15 minutes to fully layout my main instruments, pixel perfect to my CNC cutout panel. They’re customers support team is quick to work out a couple issues I had and I am happy to have been part of the beta testers.

Here’s an image of the current state of my main panel, below.

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