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Motion Platform Add-On

I have had a minor obsession with motion platforms for the past couple years and have tried to build one off and on for awhile. I finally realized that I don’t have the mechanical knowledge to build something that’s going to work well and I wasn’t really having any fun building it. Although, I did …

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My Toolset Part 1: The Glowforge!

This is the first post in a series about the tools I use to create my cockpits. The Glowforge is the first in my list as it’s the newest addition and really fun to use, although I’ve breathed so many plastic fumes now from it, I’m sure that’s not good. I had an automated search …

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Motion Platform R&D

I’ve been trying to design my own motion platform for awhile now. Before starting on the mechanics, which is the hard part for me as I’m not that mechanically inclined. I started with electronics design and communication from X-Plane. I chose to start with the ArdSimX Interface for communication to control stepper motors, based on …

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