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Spaghetti Wiring

I’ve taken the last couple days of down-time to study up on using the wonderful app, Fritzing, to help me design custom interface circuit boards for better back panel connections. Although the front of the sim looks pretty great right now, the back is a spaghetti mess of wires and dodgy soldered connections. Here’s a …

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Plugin Review: ArdsimX Interface

ArdSimX Interface [From the site] ArdSimX Interface is an easy to use Arduino-based Input/Output software for creating DIY controls (inputs and outputs) for your home cockpit X-Plane simulator without programming and advanced electronics knowledge. It allows connection to your Arduino using LAN or USB. I personally use USB as it’s easier for me to connect …

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Flight Sim Build #4 in Progress

I carefully cut, cleaned and painted the two halves of my new main cockpit panel and mounted a monitor behind the holes cutout for the main gauges. That went easier than expected. But I had to cut a channel in the back of the panel to run the encoder wiring for the OBS, VOR and …

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