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Flight Test

Although the panel is 100% yet, I am working on rigging a camera to record some of my virtual  flights. Using my phone was definitely easier to get the framing right than using a GoPro, and easier to upload directly to Youtube. This was a rough test just to get the angle right, wasn’t concerned …

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Flight Sim Build #3: 3D Printed Instrument Panels

Weeks of work went into this upgrade. I redesigned the main panels in Adobe Illustrator and cut them on the CNC (only 6 tries to get it right this time).Each panel was designed meticulously using Autodesk Fusion 360, which has become my new go-to for anything that needs to be 3D printed or CNC cut/engraved. …

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Flight Sim Build #2: Updated CNC Panel

The goal with this build was to get it working as fast as possible. This build uses 3 Windows Pro tablets, all running Sim Innovations Air Manager. The left panel would run all six pack instruments, plus VOR/Tach, the center would run at least one Garmin 430 and the right panel would run all of my engine …

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