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ArdsimX Tutorial #2: Elevator Trim LED Bar

The goal of this tutorial is to teach you how to modify your ArdsimX Arduino code for 3rd party libraries and utilize somewhat more external electronics in your sim. Our task here is to add an LED bar graph trim tab to work with X-Plane 11 to show us where the trim elevator is currently …

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ArdSimX Tutorial #1: X-Plane Time Machine

Having the ability to control time of day in X-Plane is a fun and helpful feature. It took a lot of research to figure this out, so I thought it would be a great first step in using ArdsimX in a fun way. In my sim, I find it more fun to fly at sunrise …

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ArdSimX – Tips and Datarefs

This tutorial series is meant to teach some basics and more advanced features of using ArdsimX. I won’t waste your time going through setup and installation, as it’s all located on the SimVim site.  It’s very simple and the SimVim site is full of great info. After many emails back and forth with Vlad and …

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GNS 430 & 530 Simulators

In real-world flight training, it’s easy to get overloaded. It’s easy to get distracted by cockpit electronics and the Garmin 430/530 can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with it. Although I read instructions for it and watched many Youtube videos about them, I had limited hands-on experience as my time in the aircraft is …

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Plugin Review: ArdsimX Interface

ArdSimX Interface [From the site] ArdSimX Interface is an easy to use Arduino-based Input/Output software for creating DIY controls (inputs and outputs) for your home cockpit X-Plane simulator without programming and advanced electronics knowledge. It allows connection to your Arduino using LAN or USB. I personally use USB as it’s easier for me to connect …

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