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Flight Test

Although the panel is 100% yet, I am working on rigging a camera to record some of my virtualĀ  flights. Using my phone was definitely easier to get the framing right than using a GoPro, and easier to upload directly to Youtube. This was a rough test just to get the angle right, wasn’t concerned …

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Motion Platform Add-On

I have had a minor obsession with motion platforms for the past couple years and have tried to build one off and on for awhile. I finally realized that I don’t have the mechanical knowledge to build something that’s going to work well and I wasn’t really having any fun building it. Although, I did …

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Motion Platform R&D

I’ve been trying to design my own motion platform for awhile now. Before starting on the mechanics, which is the hard part for me as I’m not that mechanically inclined. I started with electronics design and communication from X-Plane. I chose to start with the ArdSimX Interface for communication to control stepper motors, based on …

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