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Hotas Warthog Update

After multiple versions, I finally managed to adapt a 3D printed stick extension, wiring and mount. The Hotas flight stick is so smooth and accurate with seemingly infinite resolution, it just feels like the real thing. On my first test flight, I greased the landing at 35 FPM, which is much smoother than my normal …

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GNS 430 & 530 Simulators

In real-world flight training, it’s easy to get overloaded. It’s easy to get distracted by cockpit electronics and the Garmin 430/530 can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with it. Although I read instructions for it and watched many Youtube videos about them, I had limited hands-on experience as my time in the aircraft is …

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Foreflight with X-Plane Setup

Since I began my flight training, my goal was to build a sim at home and work with it as I would in a real plane. This means, using the appropriate checklists for various times in the flight and using Foreflight for navigation and flight planning, plus finding appropriate runways and frequencies during the flight. …

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Flight Sim Inspiration

The research that kept me going in the past few months of work. Flight Sim References On The Glideslope – This guy does really knows his stuff and does great work on his blog. I learned quite a bit about setting up X-Plane properly and using the X-Plane world editor, WED, although I haven’t done too …

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VR in X-Plane

Hopefully soon, X-Plane will release built-in support for VR, using the Oculus or Vive headsets. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this since I started using FlyInside last year. FlyInside is a great plugin for VR, although it doesn’t work well with my multi-monitor system.  If I had a single screen system it would work great, …

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X-Plane Plugins

Top X-Plane Plugins for Added Realism I’ve spent alot of time tweaking my system and have it pretty well dialed in to avoid crashes and conflicts. Here’s a list of the plugins I’m currently using, what they do and links to download. ArdsimX Interface –  In my opinion the best plugin out there for maximum flexibility …

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X-Plane 11

I’ve been using X-Plane off and on for years now, started with X-Plane 7 and have upgraded ever since. X-Plane 11 is just amazing. It has really come a long way over the years with a massive user base and 3rd party plugins to add any number of options you desire, from flight planning to …

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