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ArdSimX Interface

[From the site] ArdSimX Interface is an easy to use Arduino-based Input/Output software for creating DIY controls (inputs and outputs) for your home cockpit X-Plane simulator without programming and advanced electronics knowledge. It allows connection to your Arduino using LAN or USB. I personally use USB as it’s easier for me to connect on my system as the USB hub is nearby.

The ArdSimX Plugin acts as the communication hub between X-Plane Datarefs and any connected Arduinos running the ArdsimX base code interface library.  Once you upload the base sketch to your Arduino and configure inputs/outputs pins, it just works, it’s so easy. Since the software is totally free and I use it extensively,

The web-based ArdsimX Configurator gives a visual representation of a selected Arduino (Uno, Mega, Micro, Mini, Nano). It’s incredibly easy to choose a pin as either input or output. Could this be any easier? Probably not.

Once you’ve selected your Arduino pin and chosen what type of device to interface with (button, LED, rotary encoder, stepper motor, etc) the Configurator provides you with the most common Datarefs to choose from. then you save your data file and put it in the ArdsimX plugin folder, named data.cfg. I like to edit my file directly using Notepad ++ as I have a lot of oddball Datarefs I use to better emulate the Diamond DA20 systems and instruments.

It’s very easy to edit your code, then when the plugin is open while running X-Plane, you reconnect and you get an instant update! And if you’re looking for a great resource for X-Plane Datarefs, try Squawkbox. While programming or testing, I have a Squawkbox window open for reference and use the Chrome search box to narrow my searches.

The ArdsimX website is so full of great, helpful info, but if you get stuck their team will talk you through it. They helped me quite a bit when I first got started with it.  I’m happy to help support and sponsor them on Patreon.

They provide wiring diagram/hookups for every component mentioned.  If you’ve got a jumble of wires and electronics like I do, this really helps. Here’s some wiring diagram imagery from the site for reference.

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