Transponder LCD

Working on creating a few custom panels lately. The goal is to create a transponder and autopilot, using the Glowforge for front panels and and Arduino Uno or Mega with ArdsimX to interface with X-Plane. Still need to figure out how to create a good button panel circuit board, that’s next on my list.

I spent a few hours programming a test LCD display to read the datarefs from X-Plane with alot of help from Vlad at SimVim, the makers of ArdSimX. From my experience with ArdsimX, I am planning to post a couple video tutorials soon to help other sim builders.  I am now very accustomed to using it and hope my experience with it will help others.

On a side note, I finally figured out that it’s more fun building these than finishing them, so there will be continual updates to these.

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