Flight Test

Although the panel is 100% yet, I am working on rigging a camera to record some of my virtualĀ  flights. Using my phone was definitely easier to get the framing right than using a GoPro, and easier to upload directly to Youtube. This was a rough test just to get the angle right, wasn’t concerned as much with flying the airplane on this one. I hope to record more flights once I finish the panel.

Here’s a video of my first test. I thought it would be easier to try this with my iPhone with a wide angle lens, but the quality is quite bad. All the noise in the video is from the bass-shakers I have mounted on the platform. They are shaking all the nuts & bolts loose, which is kind of hilarious.

Eventually the seat is going to fall right off the motion platform, with me on it. I am going to take Bob Hoover’s advice and fly the airplane as far into the crash as possible. I might need to start wearing a helmet with this rig to be safe.

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