Flight Sim Inspiration

The research that kept me going in the past few months of work.

Flight Sim References

  • On The Glideslope¬†– This guy does really knows his stuff and does great work on his blog. I learned quite a bit about setting up X-Plane properly and using the X-Plane world editor, WED, although I haven’t done too much experimenting with that just yet.
  • X-Plane.org – All things X-Plane, including aircraft, scenery, utilities, forums and more.
  • Thomas Rasmussen – X-Plane tips and tricks
  • Q8Pilot on Youtube¬†– Tons of great info on X-Plane, with reviews, helpful tips and tricks
  • Michael Brown on Youtube – Technical setup of systems for X-Plane
  • Russ Barrow – Air Manager developer, good info about Air Manager and other projects he’s working on.
  • Flight Sim Liberty – More flight sim vids

Real World Training and Aviation Youtube Channels

  • King Schools – Wonderful videos, very entertaining. You can’t help but learn new stuff from them.
  • The Finer Points – I’ve listened to every single podcast that Jason Miller offers, not too many videos here yet, but I think it’s growing. I got a number of questions correct on my FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test just from listening to his podcast. He fully explains difficult to understand concepts in a way that makes it fun to learn.
  • FlightChops – Entertaining and fun to watch and learn from, or as he says, what not to do.
  • Fly8MA – A new video every other day with great flying tips and lessons.
  • Embry Riddle – Great training videos, superb production.
  • MzeroA/Jason Schappert – Always great training videos and more. I met him at Airventure this year, very nice person as well. Super friendly and helpful. I took their drone training course and passed with a 95 last year, highly recommended.
  • Air Safety Institute – Great quick videos on ATC communications, air safety and crash analysis, which is very helpful for what not to do or how to learn from other’s mistakes.
  • Cindy Hollman – Love watching her videos, direct and to the point, no BS ground school
  • Garry Wing – More ground school with flying examples, really great stuff here



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