Better Lights in X-Plane

I always thought X-Plane looked pretty good for night flying, but in my research for even more realistic looks, I came across a number of blogs mentioning an updated lights.txt file used by X-Plane to set the light/shader configuration. The difference is amazing, especially in VR! Here’s a link to the file, enjoy! The lens flares are a little much, but streetlights now create pools of light on surfaces and objects, which mimics real-world lighting much better.  This works with Reshade, but you have to tweak some settings. You can find info on the links below.

It was very easy to change, by just replacing the lights.txt file with the file from this link.
Replace the file in this folder, then restart X-Plane.: X-Plane 11\Resources\bitmaps\world\lites

Be sure to backup your old file, in case this causes any problem. Here’s a real world bumpy landing into Midway Airport in Chicago recently. I shot this to compare landings at Midway in X-Plane.

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