My Toolset Part 2: The X-Carve

Many people ask what tools I use to create my cockpit panels. Here is my most used tool to get the job done.

X-Carve 1000mm X 1000mm CNC: I’ve been using the X-Carve since it was first released as the Shapeoko. I absolutely love this tool. Since I primarily only cut wood on it, I only use the variable speed quiet DC motor. It greatly helps reduce noise, since it lives in my basement shop. It’s not large enough to cut a full panel, so I designed the panels to be split into to parts to cut, then attach them later. I use 2′ X 2′ wood from Lowes, as they fit very nicely on the cutting board.

I use the X-Carve for so many things it’s crazy. It’s just so easy to use and their software, Easel,  is fantastic. You can create simple projects in it directly, or upload a DXF file from Illustrator or Fusion 360, then set your cutting/engraving depths quickly and easily, while Easel does all the heavy lifting with the cutting paths. Here are a bunch of work in progress shots below.


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