My System

Computer Specs

I built a custom PC based on the need to have 2 16X  PCI Express slots for dual video cards.

  • Motherboard – Z270 Gaming Pro Motherboard
  • Processor – Intel Core i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20Ghz
  • Memory – 40GB RAM, probably overkill but I had some lying around. Couldn’t hurt.
  • Hard Drive – 256MB SSD with secondary 1TB EVO 860 Pro SSD
  • Video Cards – Two GTX 1080TIs

Off-The-Shelf Controls

  • Two Saitek Quadrant Throttle controls. I have messed around with the physical placement of them, and landed on keeping them side by side for multi-engine planes when I’m feeling more adventurous.
  • HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick
  • Saitek rudder pedals
  • Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panels, used for the wet compass and autopilot
  • Desktop Aviator Flaps Control, with 3D printed handle and I removed the faceplate and mounted to a laser cut panel I made to better match the real thing.
  • Logitech gaming headset for ATC communication, when using Pilotedge

Monitors (5 total)

  • Three Main monitors, for front and side views. My goal was to surround myself with the video screens. I am not that interested in being put inside a box to simulate an actual cockpit, but if I ever do, these screens will still work great.
    • I have an allergy to video projectors after using them for so many years and having countless issues with brightness issues, resolution and alignment for multiple projector overlap. Purchased three Vizio 1080P refurb 50″ monitors from Best Buy which have worked out fine. They are slim bezel and pretty cheap overall. I picked up 3 cheap adjustable floor stands on Amazon and it all went together perfectly! I’ve been in the AV business for over 20 years, so this was the easy part for me. I’m using 3 monitors for the main screens, but need additional monitors that will eventually be used in the panel and for external control.
  • Fourth monitor to run Air Manager for the main steam gauges.
  • Fifth monitor to run a Garmin 530 simulator.

Sound System

This is the fun part. I had an old Sony 100W subwoofer that I have have cranked up while flying which shakes the whole room when cranked up. Under the seat and platform, I added 2 bass-shaker units powered by an external amp. You can really feel all of the sounds, from the landing gear retracting to engine starts and bouncing down the runway.  It’s almost distracting sometimes, but it feels like the real plane. Landings feel especially real since I added these. The bass-shakers are probably the best thing you could do for a home-simulator, it’s like a cheap, simple motion platform. I am using a 40W X 2 Pyle amplifier and two Aurasound AST-2B-4 units from Parts Express.


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