EAA Airventure 2017

I took the opportunity this year to head to Osh Kosh with my future son-in-law, Aaron, and two good friends, Buckley and Dave, who happen to have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything aviation. Buckley was my inspiration to fly in the first place and Dave has trainee as an acrobatic pilot! We made a great team.

We rented a house near Wittman Field and spent 5 days there.  I spent every morning in seminars, continuing my ground school training, while constantly inspired by my surroundings.

The show was nothing short of awesome.  It felt so good to be completely immersed in the airshows, training and information seminars , hundreds of rows of various aircraft and the aircraft parts flea market, which I loved. I ended up buying 2 propellers and a bunch of old instruments. The propellers became quite and adventure to figure out how to get them home, as they were too large for my car. Aaron and I had a fun time figuring that out.

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