Flight Test

Although the panel is 100% yet, I am working on rigging a camera to record some of my virtual  flights. Using my phone was definitely easier to get the framing right than using a GoPro, and easier to upload directly to Youtube. This was a rough test just to get the angle right, wasn’t concerned …

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Transponder LCD

Working on creating a few custom panels lately. The goal is to create a transponder and autopilot, using the Glowforge for front panels and and Arduino Uno or Mega with ArdsimX to interface with X-Plane. Still need to figure out how to create a good button panel circuit board, that’s next on my list. I …

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GNS 430 & 530 Simulators

In real-world flight training, it’s easy to get overloaded. It’s easy to get distracted by cockpit electronics and the Garmin 430/530 can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with it. Although I read instructions for it and watched many Youtube videos about them, I had limited hands-on experience as my time in the aircraft is …

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Spaghetti Wiring

I’ve taken the last couple days of down-time to study up on using the wonderful app, Fritzing, to help me design custom interface circuit boards for better back panel connections. Although the front of the sim looks pretty great right now, the back is a spaghetti mess of wires and dodgy soldered connections. Here’s a …

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3 Screen Recording

Finally figured out how to record all three of my screens into one video recently, using Open Broadcaster Software. Here’s a good test of it below, it not only records all three screens, but records the audio, which X-Plane doesn’t. There are still some issues as my screens are curved around the cockpit, so there’s …

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Handles and Knobs

After too much coffee this morning, I took some time to add some more needed details to the sim. I’ve been wanting to replace the ugly knobs and switches for awhile so I designed a few new items. Fusion 360 is my go-to for this type of design as it’s really great for use with …

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Air Manager 3.0 Released

I’ve been testing the Sim Innovations Air Manager 3 beta version for awhile now, but the official version was just released. I thought version 2.1 was fantastic, but Sim Innovations made version 3 even better, with easier layout options for custom panels, like mine. They even launched this with a Diamond DA-20 Katana left/right panel, …

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Hotas Warthog Joystick

While training in the Diamond DA-20, I’ve become very accustomed to using the control stick over a yoke. Since I built my home sim, I have been using a Saitek AV8R joystick rigged to the seat to act as the control stick, but it’s a very weak representation of the real thing. At the I/ITSEC …

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Fun at I/ITSEC

Besides being a bit under the weather in Orlando at I/ITSEC, I had an awesome time. I attended the show a few years ago and there was much of the same, but this time with much more VR using Oculus or Vive headsets.  I virtually flew a Blackhawk helicopter at the Wittenstein booth, shot machine …

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Better Lights in X-Plane

I always thought X-Plane looked pretty good for night flying, but in my research for even more realistic looks, I came across a number of blogs mentioning an updated lights.txt file used by X-Plane to set the light/shader configuration. The difference is amazing, especially in VR! Here’s a link to the file, enjoy! The lens …

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